Nestled in the Surrey countryside near Godalming, this internationally renowned five-acre garden is formed by a series of “rooms” which surround and complement a family home dating from the 16th century.  From the old Cottage Garden with delightfully informal planting in a formal setting, to the robust Pergola of Bargate stone by W.D.Caröe, the Arts and Crafts architect and great grandfather of the present owners, to the Water Garden, laid out and planted by Gertrude Jekyll in 1911, and the newly designed and planted Centenary Garden, Vann offers inspiration to expert and amateur gardeners alike.

“There are gardens where the fusion of art and nature, the wild and cultivated, is so seamless that they feel like dream landscapes – too natural to be man-made yet too perfect to be real. The woodland water garden at Vann is one of those enchanting places…”

Sunday Telegraph Magazine March 2002